Mom’s Safety First

As moms we are so busy and easily distracted by the kids and our hectic schedules that we can become easy targets. It is hard keeping up sometimes trust me I know. Over the weekend a man randomly decided to follow me from S. Palmetto Bay to N. Pinecrest. At first I didn’t worry because I managed to let him know that I knew that he was trying to follow me, but then I freaked out because my license plate had my website on it. (It has for 5 years)  Later on that night I received a random Facebook message from a hacked account. Scary!

You never think that something like this can happen to you but we live in a world where crazy stuff happens. If you feel like someone is watching or following you stay in a busy environment. Look for a well lit parking lot if it is dark or head to a place where there are lots of people around. (Restaurant, hospital, Drug store) Do not hesitate to call the police. Do not go home. If you have stickers or advertisement on your vehicle, make sure that it is nothing traceable.

Quick Tips

  1. Be aware of your surroundings
  2. Don’t make yourself a target
  3. Learn how to use your gun, pepper spray or taser.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Don’t hesitate to call the police.


I thought that I was doing the right thing promoting my business and being active on social media, but things have definitely changed over the past few years. Perhaps we put too much of ourselves out there?



Written by:

Sharonda B. Stewart

Mom of 3

Owner, Sporty Mommas, LLC

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