Home Improvements are Best Done to Code

The building code, hurricane protection, electrical wiring into the homes and elevation have all become part of the jargon that we hear when working with buyers. For better, Irma has reminded us of the most basic requirement of our primary residence, safety.

The building code has proven that it works. The pain of going through permitting to put on roof tops, impact windows, shutters, air conditioners, etc. and the time it adds on to the project is well worth it. Irma brought it home for us, do all your home improvements with permits. It also will help you when you go to sell your home. With the building code and permits to ensure minimum standards of workmanship are regulated, we are better off than without them.

Buyers want to know about hurricane protection measures that come with the home. You might as well make the improvements now and enjoy them for the time that you’ll reside there.

Buildings as compared to single family homes seem to have fared better and recovered more quickly than the single-family homes. Many of them are more recently built than the single-family homes and are governed by more recent building codes. Those that are older have had to go through their forty-year recertification process which entails improving their overall safety and infrastructure. One anecdote we learned of is a person describing how upset they and the residents of their building were that a new tower was going up just to the east of their building, until Irma. Now that tower is thought of as protection from hurricanes. Silver lining?

There is a direct benefit for a home that is connected to the electrical grid with underground lines versus above ground lines. The new construction homes all seemingly come with underground lines to meet the current building code. One more project to consider when improving our homes.

Imagine the outcome of having no building code and to depend only on the trade people to ensure the work is done to the minimum standard. The October trade numbers through the 22nd were very strong according to MLS in area 50, which is comprised of The Falls, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Dadeland are very strong in the last thirty days. There was a total of 215 properties that are now under contract. Of those 160 are single family homes and 55 are condos. MLS reports 116 closed sales in the last 30 days. Of those 83 are single-family homes and 33 are condos. The rental market numbers are also encouraging with 110 currently under contract and 73 rented properties in the last thirty days.

In the spirit of gratitude and celebration of Thanksgiving we recognize the county, the respective municipalities and residents that are doing a great job in cleaning up our corner of the world. It’s wonderful to see the lush green foliage and abundance in nature. Out of town buyers have a way to remind us of the natural beauty we live in.

We recognize FPL for going all-in with their response teams and relentless service. Thank you, to all the crews that came down from near and as far as British Columbia, Michigan and other communities. Please come back for your winter vacation.

My family and I are grateful for you, our customers, who support us and make it possible to live here. The diversity in our community makes it a privilege to live here.

We are grateful for The Keyes Company that truly prioritizes relationships and leads the market by making the real estate business about the people we serve. You can count on us with the sale of your home, the purchase of one, rental of your home, or, help you find a rental. Manage your rental investment property. Sell commercial real estate. Help with lease of commercial space. All with the resources to ensure success in delivering excellent services. We are grateful for good health and most grateful for the blessings the Good Lord showers on us, the ones we know of and the ones we are not yet aware of.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and may your gratitude list be infinite!

Frank DeValdivielso, a member the Miami FL Team and The Keyes Company, is based out of 2423 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information you can reach Frank at his office, 786 378 8450, or cell, 786 273 8507. You can also email him at and please be sure to visit for the latest listing and news regarding real estate. Call to sign up for a free monthly market report of your zip code.

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