Golden Rule Seafood

Golden Rule Seafood
Golden Rule Seafood

At Golden Rule Seafood, we are proud to offer an incredible variety of seafood, from around the world, at very reasonable prices. From Maine lobster to king crab, from fresh mahimahi to mouthwatering salmon and a whole lot more, we’ve got everything a seafood lover could want.

A passion for seafood runs in our family. In fact, we are family owned & operated and have been in the very same location, since 1943! We know you’ll love our selection, our service, and our reasonable prices. Stop by and see what’s new – we look forward to seeing you!

In addition, we’ve just added a kitchen, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious seafood dinner prepared specially for you. We’ve created a fun, laid-back vibe, and we think you’ll enjoy it. Visit our website to view the menu and to learn more.

Our seafood selection includes:

– Live Blue Crabs
– Stone Crabs
– King Crab
– Dungeness Crab
– Snow Crab
– Shrimp
– Cooked Shrimp
– And More!
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