Home Improvements are Best Done to Code

The building code, hurricane protection, electrical wiring into the homes and elevation have all become part of the jargon that we hear when working with buyers. For better, Irma has reminded us of the most basic requirement of our primary...


Give Thanks for Good Oral Health!

It’s November…and time to give thanks for good oral health! It’s no coincidence that November 24, the day after Thanksgiving, is National Flossing Day! What better time is there to pay homage to everyone’s favorite piece of string than...


Home For The Holidays

Being home for the holidays is so important to us as we look forward to spending time with our family and friends; but getting there is beyond stressful. Here are a few tips to make this holiday season more joyful. Plan in advance, not only to...


Chiropractic Care for Everyone?

While Chiropractors are known for making sure your body is pain free, they also make sure your body is working properly and functioning at its best. Chiropractors emphasize the power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery....


Two Soup Recipes To Help Detox Your Body

Are you toxic? It’s hard not to be in a world filled with pollution along with food toxins such as dyes, fillers, additives and preservatives. Toxins can adversely affect us from brain to toe, damaging our cells, creating numerous health problems...

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