Dining Out


Mix it Up

Wondering if your bar is up to par? We spoke with Lance Goldberg, Area Supervisor for Crown Wine & Spirits about what to add, what to serve and what to gift when you’re the lucky guest. So, for the uneducated, what is a spirit and what...


Top 9 Food Trends for Holiday 2017

Courtesy of Chef Michael Jacobs, CEO/Director of Culinary, The Hidden Kitchen & Pink Tiki by Strategic Hospitality Group, Miami LLC Middle Eastern Starters Offer guests the option to top their vegetables with various types of Hummus and take...


Divieto Ristorante: Italia Servida en un Plato

Dicen que lo prohibido atrae más. Descubra qué hace a este restaurante la parada obligatoria para los paladares más exigentes de la gastronomía italiana. Al igual que un excelente escritor logra que un libro se convierta en bestseller, un chef...


Golden Rule Seafood’s Kitchen

Seafood lovers rejoice. Golden Rule Seafood, well known in the South Florida community as a family owned and operated Market offering fresh seafood, has expanded and opened a Kitchen. Ideal for those who are afraid to cook seafood, who don’t want...

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