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Top 3 Fat Loss Tips

Lose 10 lbs. in 1 week!” “Six pack abs in 10 minutes a day!” “Drop four inches off your waist in the first month!” We have all heard these exaggerated weight loss promises either spouted off by late night infomercials, plastered in a...


No Excuses

Over the course of time that I have owned personal training gyms, I have heard every possible excuse as to why clients cannot commit to a rigorous exercise schedule or why they have not seen the results they had hoped for. Work and home stress,...


Planning for Success!

Let’s be 100 percent honest – working out is not always fun. In fact, even as a fitness enthusiast, I’d go so far as to say working out is usually not fun. Forgive the overused fitness industry cliché but “that’s why it’s called...


Not Getting the Results you Want?

Through my years working as a personal trainer as well as an avid exercise enthusiast in my own personal life, I have come to two realizations regarding most people’s exercise programs. First, most people want to lose weight; Second, most people...


Staying Fit While Traveling

Traveling can often be a major impediment to staying in shape and maintaining our health and fitness. Traveling causes us to be removed from our usual routines, usual amenities and separated from our gyms, personal trainers and spin classes. For...

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