Music News


Building Relationships Through Music

Music. It’s all around us as we start the fall season – football games, NASCAR races, baseball games. Whether it’s the National Anthem, half-time shows, or team fight songs, all of us either sing, clap our hands, tap our feet, dance to the...


A Winning Combination: School Band and Children

It seems like just yesterday that school was out for the summer. Can you believe in just a short time school will once again be in session? Where did the summer go? Do you remember your first day of middle school? Of high school? Do you remember...


Invest in Your Future: Shop Locally

It’s is Friday night. Your son wants to join the band and you were supposed to stop at the local music store all week and check out prices. The deadline is Monday. You just ran out of time this week. What do you do? Some people would go to the...


Music: An Important Part of Every Child’s Life

Summer is almost over. The summer parades –  floats, horses, fire trucks, clown bands and marching bands – will soon be a thing of the past. And then, school will start. Our children will be rushing into the classrooms to see their friends –...

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